Frequently Asked Questions

About Products:
1. How about Your Spray Nozzle Products Quality compare to XX Products?   
It would be no exaggeration to say that, our spray nozzle products are the best compared to the same level. Why do I say so? Because we follow strategy of low price for medium-end spray nozzles product, so that we can keep competitive in this line.
2. What Service for Spray Nozzles does Your Company have?
We always provide Pre-Sale analysis, service during sales and service for spray nozzles after sales to our customer, such as testing of cleaning workshop.
3. How do you know Our Spray Nozzle Company?
My friend introduced your spray nozzle company to me. He works for project company.
4. Why don't you ever heard the Spray Nozzle Brand?
There are lots of spray nozzle production companies and brands in this market. It's impossible you ever heard every brand. On the one hand, We are a big company with more than 10 years experience in spray nozzle industry, we know what you want. On the other hand, we have a large scale factory, we have enough strength to meet your requirements for spray nozzles.
5.  How about the quality of spray nozzles products? Do you have good quality primrose?
It is certainly that we have good quality guarantee for spray nozzles. Our company hope we will establish a long terms business relationship. We are a big company and have enough ability to meet your any requirements for spray nozzles. Our customers are a lots of famous companies from all over the world.
6.  Can you decrease Your Price for Spray Nozzles?
In order to keep spray nozzles of good quality, we can't decrease our price. There are two possibility of price being lower than us: 
1). Theirs grade is different with us. 
2). They don't have quality premise.
7.  What's Your Spray Nozzle Price?
Do you familiar with our spray nozzle products? Please don't judge our spray nozzle products only according to price. Please take quality, technology, service into consideration. You will find out the fact that we are your best choice.
8.  Why are the Prices of Spray Nozzles so High?
Do you know the reason? There are different grade spray nozzles in the market, it's necessary that the price of our top spray nozzles products will be higher than bottom products in other company. However, when it comes to the same grade of product, our price is lower than other company under the same quality. Please take price and quality into consideration when you make a choice.
9.  About the Spray nozzle Material
10.  Spray pattern
11.  Spray Analysis and Reaserch
Our spray analysis group always test performance in our lab, including:
Spray characterization
Drop size distribution
Spray impact
Spray pattern
Spray coverage
Spray angle
Evaporation rate
Residence time
Dwell time
About Orders :
1.  Why the Delivery Time for Spray Nozzles is So Long?
We have 10 offices around the country, all the orders for spray nozzles
 must be arranged according to date. Please note that our delivery time includes logistics. Actually, our customer will do an spray nozzle order in advance. If customers are urgent, we will give special treatment to their spray nozzle orders.
2.  How long is the Delivery Time for Spray Nozzles?
It is up to spray nozzles quantity demanded by your company. Generally speaking, our standard products (dozens air filters) takes about one week. If the quantity is large, the delivery time maybe a little longer.
3.  Can you offer Customized and OEM Service for Spray Nozzles?
We can customized spray nozzles according to our customers.
We supply OEM service for spray nozzles.
4.  How to order Spray Nozzles?
Please inform us the product name of spray nozzles or something about spray pattern, capacity and spray angle to us.


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